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This Pre-order/Reservation Agreement (these "Terms" or "Agreement") governs the placement of a preorder/reservation ("Pre-order") for a MIDI controller ("Keyboard") with Vidal Inc ("Vidal" or "we" or "us"). Please read these Terms carefully before submitting your Pre-order. By submitting your Pre-order, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms.

No Obligations
These Terms do not lock in a firm delivery date, or specific Keyboard configuration. To complete the purchase of a Keyboard, you will need to reply to a follow up email that may include additional shipping costs, taxes, and other governmental fees, required at that time.

We may decline Pre-orders to avoid over-selling or as we deem appropriate in our sole discretion. If your Pre-order is declined, you will be notified and your Pre-order payment will be refunded.

Pre-order Eligibility: Age and Residency; Entity Preorders
You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States to Pre-order a Keyboard. By agreeing to these Terms, you represent and warrant to us that you are at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States. If you are Pre-ordering a Keyboard on behalf of a company, organization or entity (an “Entity”) located in the United States, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that Entity to these Terms and such Entity agrees to be bound by these Terms.

When placing a Pre-order for a Keyboard, you represent and warrant that all information provided is accurate, and it is your responsibility to keep this information current at any time by emailing info@playvidal.com. Vidal shall not be liable for inaccurate or outdated information.

You will be charged the fee indicated on the product page when you place your Pre-order. Placing a Pre-order constitutes your express agreement to be charged the Pre-order Fee using your provided payment method. No Guarantee of Delivery Date

You are pre-ordering a Keyboard without specifying the features and options. We will endeavor to produce your keyboard in the future and your priority will be set by the date of payment of your order Fee, our manufacturing schedule, our delivery and service operations availability. There is no guarantee as to delivery date based on your order.

You may cancel your order and receive a full refund at any time prior to the start of production on your keyboard. To cancel your order online, simply log in to your Shopify account, navigate to your order history, find your pre-order and click ‘cancel’. You can also contact us directly at info@playvidal.com. Refunds will be processed within 7-10 business days.

Keyboard Configuration and Specifications
You understand that we may not have completed the development of your keyboard or begun manufacturing the keyboard at the time of your order and specifications are subject to change at any time. You understand available features have not yet been determined and may change, even after features are announced. By agreeing to these Terms, you represent and warrant to us that you understand that the configuration may change prior to delivery. You acknowledge and agree that the keyboard is designed to be used in conjunction with a computer running a digital audio workstation (DAW) or a compatible synthesizer to produce sounds. The keyboard itself does not generate or produce any sounds on its own. You are solely responsible for obtaining and configuring the necessary hardware and software to produce sounds with the keyboard.

Privacy Policy
The data Vidal collects from you or about your keyboard will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, each of which is incorporated herein by reference and available on our website at playvidal.com/pages/privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand the data that we collect and our practices regarding your information and how it will be treated. If you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at info@playvidal.com.


If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision, or portion of this Agreement, to be unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect and the unenforceable provision shall be deemed to be modified solely to the extent necessary to make it enforceable.


This Agreement may not be modified, altered or amended unless expressly agreed to in writing signed by Vidal.

No Resellers; Discontinuation; Cancellation

Vidal and its affiliates may unilaterally cancel any order that we believe has been made with the intent to resell the keyboard or otherwise has been made in bad faith. Vidal may also cancel your order if a keyboard, product, feature, or option is discontinued after you place your order.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights in and to the keyboards sold on our website are owned by their respective owners. You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the keyboards for personal or commercial purposes.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of our website or the keyboards sold on our website

Governing Law
These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United States, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delaware.

By using our website and purchasing our products, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.